Our vehicles are equipped to carry out various trek support options for hikers walking the Larapinta Trail. Our fleet also includes specialised 4WD vehicles to support trekkers walking off-track, cross-country in remote areas of the West Macs NP and other areas of Central Australia.


Our vehicles are now subject to our own strict cleaning procedures to ensure the vehicles are COVID-19 safe when your board them. Our vehicles are thoroughly cleaned with TGA approved antibacterial agents before and after each use, multiple times a day, no exceptions. Our Hiace bus cabin air filter systems are now installed with BOSCH High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters.



Vehicle and heli based transport. #

Transfers to Larapinta Trail trailheads*

Transfers to Intermediate Larapinta Trail points*

Transfers to remote areas ( i.e Mt Zeil, any GPS loc etc)

Service Months- April - Mid October

Short Notice and Emergency Transfers

Range of transfer service options (See Below)

Range of extra and supplementary services/add-ons

* Subject to availability. Some trailheads not serviced in 2019. # Heli based transfers provided by external service provider

Service Options

Vehicles & Drivers

Transfers to Trailheads & Intermediate Points

Service Months- April - October

Transfers run 7 days a week

Season (Winter) Services Only

Short Notice Larapinta Trail Transfers

Emergency Larapinta Trail transfers

VIP Transfer Services

Leapfrogging Transfers

Various package options for transfers

4WD Vehicles for remote, high clearance tracks

Hiace Commuter for regular road runs

All vehicles equipped with Advanced First Aid Kits

All vehicles equipped with Satellite Communications

All vehicles equipped with GPS Trackers and PLB's

All vehicles equipped with Vehicle Recovery Gear

All drivers are licenced, trained and qualified

All drivers have 4WD experience, knowledge, skills

 All vehicles are registered and compliant with laws


Max 5 hikers per booking

We don't offer our services to groups of more than 5 hikers. If you make an enquiry regarding a trek for 6 or more people, we will ignore it. ​

No Airport Pickups


We do not offer any transfers to or from the airport. There are taxi's and bus services that ferry people to and from the airport.

No Stove Fuel - No Transfer

We have a 'No Stove Fuel No Transfer Policy'. There is an official NT Parks 'No Open Fires' law on the Larapinta Trail. This means stove fuel only! 
If you cannot show us your receipt from your stove fuel purchase before the start day of your trek, you will void your booking which means 100% loss of your booking fee and being stranded last minute on the day of your transfer. If you don't intend on taking any stove fuel for your trek please consider another transfer provider.

There are no exceptions to this policy.

We Don't Pick Up Hitchikers


Hitchhiking in the NT is illegal.

Don't get offended when we drive past ignoring you if you're thumbing it (unless of course, it is a medical or serious emergency, in which case we will assist any way we can).

No Accommodation - No Transfer


We have a 'No Accommodation No Transfer' Policy.'  You need to have official accommodation in town before and after your trek if you would like to use our services. We do not service caravan parks, private residential homes, pub accommodation and AirBNBs. (Unless you are a local Alice Springs resident)

No Booking - No Pick Up


We only provide transfer services to people who have a booking. We do not pick up people if they haven't gone through our booking process. If you don't have an LTTS Booking Code, we can't take you (unless it is a medical or serious emergency).

"Wouldn't consider hiking Larapinta Trail without LTTS!"

BenT, Trip Advisor


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