Larapinta Trail Trek Support (LTTS) is a small team of remote area trekking professionals based in Alice Springs. We have have been trekking and working on the Larapinta Trail and in Tjoritja / West MacDonnell National Park since March 2004. We are trekkers providing services for trekkers.

LTTS has an ecosystem of professional and expert staff and contractors who pull together and deliver a wide range of services to support your Larapinta Trail trek. Below are some of the legends you'll meet when you get here.

The team at Larapinta Trail Trek Support trek the Larapinta Trail End to End (E2E) and many of the sections multiple times each year in both winter and summer periods. This experience is a huge advantage for trekkers and organisations who use our services because we can provide first-hand advice, guidance and support for trail planning, preparation, logistics and emergency management.

Field Support / Trek Leader / Instructor
Zak first trekked the Larapinta Trail solo in 2004 and regularly treks the Chewings Range and the Larapinta Trail End to End, including unsupported* treks in both winter and summer.​ Zak is the key contributor to the LTTS Field Notes blog. He is also the senior instructor for LTTS training courses. In his previous life Zak specialised in remote area anti-poaching operations in northern Australia.
Field Support / Trek Leader / Instructor
Em joined the team in 2021 jumping into the deep end of field support operations during one of the most intensive and challenging years we've had on record. Em is a pro hiker and has notched up treks which include the Larapinta Trail, Pacific Crest Trail ( PCT), Australian Alps Walking Track (AAWT), Western Arthur's and many other treks across Australia and the world. 
LTTS is a 100% NT based and owned business. 
Senior Trek Leader - Cross Country / Survival Instructor
Viktor first trekked the Larapinta Trail in 2007 and regularly treks the Larapinta Trail End to End (E2E) solo including unsupported* treks. He also treks solo off track across the Tjiorta West Macs NP.  Viktor specialises in remote area  cross-country trekking and survival. He regularly treks solo across Central Australia, the Pilbara and the Kimberley. In his previous life Viktor specialised in anti-poaching and wildlife protection operations across Africa for various NGOs.
Coordinator / Remote Area Cross Country Treks
Alto has trekked the Larapinta Trail solo End to End (E2E), several times since 2005, twice in summer and two E2E unsupported* treks. Alto specialises in remote area wilderness medicine and remote area rescue with a specific focus on rescue operations in rugged, inaccessible areas of Central Australia and the Kimberley. In his previous life Alto worked as a rescue paramedic in the Middle East, North Africa and Canada. 
LTTS Customer Support / Admin and General Enquiries
Maya first trekked the Larapinta Trail in 2006 and has walked the Larapinta Trail End to End a number of times since then and regularly walks sections of the trail. In her previous life Michaela worked as a rescue paramedic in the South African National Defence Force.
* Unsupported Definition: As Defined at LTTS 
No Food Drops, No Water Tank Resupply (natural water source resupply only), No Physical Human Contact and No Gear Resupply or Replacement . This is a key milestone and achievement for LTTS staff who work hard toward completing this key KPI. All LTTS staff must complete an unsupported trek once every three years and one unsupported trek in summer every five years.
We are committed to protecting the Larapinta Trail
In 2017 LTTS developed the Larapinta Trail Trek Code, a voluntary light impact trek code for the Larapinta Trail. We encourage all hikers walking the trail to adopt the code to reduce their impact while on this magnificent trail.
LTTS is a co-owner and developer of the Larapinta Trail Website
Larapinta Trail Trek Support is a
Veteran Owned Business

Larapinta Trail Trek Support (LTTS)

ABN: 23 128 921 979 // ACN: 128 921 979