Larapinta Trail Trek Support (LTTS) is a small team of remote area trekking professionals based in Alice Springs. We have have been trekking and working on the Larapinta Trail and in Tjoritja / West MacDonnell National Park since March 2004. We are trekkers providing services for trekkers.

LTTS is a local Alice Springs-based business. It was established in April 2016 and is owned by Explorers Australia Pty Ltd.
The business was established to provide specific services for hikers and trekkers walking the Larapinta Trail and other parts of the Tjoritja/West MacDonnell National Park. LTTS is the only support business that exclusively provides services just for the Larapinta Trail. 
Staff at LTTS have been actively involved on the Larapinta Tail since 2004, a year after the trail was opened. Our team regularly walk the trail end to end and many of its section each year in both winter and summer periods. In fact, a minimum requirement for any employment with LTTS is that all prospective applicants must have completed the trail end to end solo within the last two years.
We are committed to protecting the Larapinta Trail
In 2017 LTTS developed the Larapinta Trail Trek Code, a voluntary light impact trek code for the Larapinta Trail. We encourage all hikers walking the trail to adopt the code to reduce their impact while on this magnificent trail.
LTTS is a co-owner and developer of the Larapinta Trail Website
Larapinta Trail Trek Support is a
Veteran Owned Business

Larapinta Trail Trek Support (LTTS)

ABN: 23 128 921 979 // ACN: 128 921 979


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