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From 2021 onwards we will be leading off-track, cross country treks across the Chewings Ranges and other areas of the West MacDonnell National Park. These treks are some of the most spectacular cross-country treks in Australia. Only three treks a year are permitted making these treks rare and unique.

2025 Dates Now Live


This is one of the best cross country treks in Australia without fail.

The trek traverses across the spectacular Western Chewings Ranges in the Tjoritja/WestMacDonnell National Park. The Chewings Range is the crown jewels of the national park.


The Western Chewings Traverse Trek is an approximately 90km cross country trek on the western portion of the Chewings Ranges. This is a 11 day, hard graded trek traversing over and across some spectacular mountainous terrain and peaks which includes Mt Giles.

Strictly limited places. Three treks each year only.

Very strict light impact code for the trek due to the high conservation

value of the area

Approx 90km, 11 Day Cross Country Trek*

13 Days Total

( 1 day Pre-Trek, 11 days field, 1 day Post-Trek,)

Trek Grade: Hard#

6 Trekkers Max (5 trekkers, 1 staff)

Led by LTTS Cross Country Specialists

Heli Caching of Food and Water 

Vehicle Drop Off to Ormiston Gorge (Start Point)

Remote Area Helicopter Pick Up (Finish Point)

Heli Pick Up Flight back to Alice Springs via Eastern Chewings Range

Trek Includes Summit of Mt Giles

Comprehensive Pre and Post Trek

Trek Preparation Program Provided

Strict Trek Code and Eligibility Requirements

Three Treks a Year Only


*The trek will cover rough terrain, razorbacks, many steep sections and will involve side treks into highlight spots which will often require clambering and steep climbing. Though the distance is approx 90km and the duration is 11 days, the trek is rough but also allows for comfortable rest periods in scenic locations.

# Hard definition is not hiking 'hard', but 'trekking hard'. For example, Section 4 & 5 on the Larapinta Trail would be considered easy going for a trekking standard. The Chewings Traverse will be about 2.5x and 3x harder than Section 5 for the entire 11 day trek. 



This is an approx 90km, 11-day trek across the high ridges of the Western Chewings Ranges. Most of the trek is above 1000m in elevation with incredibly spectacular views of the whole national park area. This is a cross country trek by definition - no trails, no signage, no shelter, rough ground, heavy packs, lots of clambering and biblical views and experiences.


This is a wild trek that is led by LTTS and is supported with helicopter supplied remote area food and water resupply points. Everything packed in is packed or helicoptered out.



This is a hard cross country trek. It is about twice or three times harder than completing the Larapinta Trail E2E solo. Hikers carry all their gear, equipment, food, water and clothing for the entire 10 days. Regular cache resupplies assist with water and food resupplies but trekkers should expect to carry a minimum of 20kg in sturdy 70-90lt packs. This trek is led by LTTS but trekkers do everything else themselves as per any other 'independent' type trek. This is NOT a tour! 

If you haven't trekked cross country before, this will be a very new, liberating and incredibly amazing  experience. But expect challenges and a good work out.


3 - 15 June

8 - 20 July

5 - 17 August


 $5,500 per person 


Western Chewings Traverse Trek

90km/11 Day Trek (Field)

13 days Total

1x Trek Leader

Vehicle & Helicopter Transfers

Trek Resupply (Water/Food)

Trek Food and Fuel

Trek T-Shirt

Trek Topographic Map - 50k




LTTS will be leading this trek. The trek group will be no larger than 6 people (5 hikers, 1 LTTS Trek Leader). All planning, leading and coordination will be completed by LTTS.


The package includes a HiAce bus vehicle transfer from Alice Springs to Ormiston Gorge where the trek will start. The helicopter pick up point is at a remote site location. The helicopter transfers will either be completed via two runs with a single helicopter or one run with two helicopters. The helicopters are Jet Rangers. Alice Springs Helicopters will be providing the service.

The intended flight path will flyover over the eastern Chewings Ranges which includes Hugh Gorge, Razorback Ridge, and Brinkley Bluff - spectacular sights from the air as much as they are from the ground.


The package includes remote area caching of food and water supplies so that the trek group can resupply every two days for water and every four days for food.  The caches are securely located on the high ridges along the trek route and will be placed there by LTTS crew using a helicopter prior to the trek start.

A note about rubbish: Each hiker will carry their own rubbish out.


The package includes 10 single main meals per person from Back Country Cuisine, Campers Pantry and/or Radix.

The package includes 3x100g or 2x230g Jetboil  or 2lt Metho/Shellite per person.

You can carry and buy more fuel if you need to. Fuel can be placed in the remote resupply caches but also spent canisters must be carried out.


Each trek member will get a high-quality 180gsm, 100% cotton t-shirt with Chewings Trek logos and designs ( image coming soon!)


Each hiker will receive a high-quality A3 size double sided 50k topographic map of the trek area and route. The maps have been designed and developed by LTTS and contain exceptionally detailed info. Printed on waterproof, tearproof paper.


Comprehensive Pre and Post Trek Program to ensure everyone is fully prepared and organised for their trek. A day each will be allocated for pre and post-trek. Part of the pre-trek will include a meeting with the Traditional Owners of the Chewings Range area to welcome the trek group and discuss cultural aspects of the area ( culture, spiritual, lore, do's and dont's etc)

A Trek Preparation Program will be provided so that trekkers can prepare physically and technically for their trek. The program includes a physical fitness and preparation program, equipment list, food preparation and considerations, risks, health and safety factors.

Priority support will be provided for all trek customers leading up to the trek. Customers will be able to contact us any time to discuss their preparation and share any questions they have with us. 


Pre and Post Trek Accommodation:  All customers will be required to have pre and post trek accommodation. We are currently working with some accommodation providers to bundle accommodation and various services for discounted prices.

Cross Country Grear: If you don't have hard use packs and other gear you can hire the gear from us at highly discounted rates. We have a wide range of lightweight but hard use packs, tents, trekking poles etc


Treks are open to previous LTTS Customers only

Must have completed the Larapinta Trail E2E in the last 3 years

Hiking experience level requirement: Medium to High

Completion of mandatory Pre-Trek Medical Assessment (Medical and health check by your own medical practitioner)^

Must have a current and valid first aid certificate^

^(These requirements are done at your own expense)

All bookings are via an expression of interest process. You apply if you are interested. We'll let you know if you made the selection.

Not everyone applying will get a slot because we will be fusing each trek group with the best possible personality and capability matches. So some people will miss out on their preferred dates.

Not everyone is suited for this trek either.  We may knock back your expression of interest if we believe this trek won't suit you.  Unsuitable trekkers can severely and negatively affect treks and the experiences of the other group members - we don't want this to happen.

Express Your Interest

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