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Below is a snapshot of the feedback we have received since 2016


Two Words

We asked our customers to choose two words that would summarise their experience with us. Below are just some examples:


Percentage of our customers who gave us the top rating of Outstanding

At the end of their treks, we encourage our customers to provide us with post-trek feedback to let us know how we went and what we could improve on. Below is a sample of the many hundreds we have received since we started in April 2016.
Thank you very much to all of you who have taken the time to provide a review!
Note: We offer complete privacy to anyone offering to provide a review. So we only use first names for the reviews which have been Ok'd for us to use publicly. Commonwealth law prohibits fake reviews. What you see below and across our website is 100% legit and made by 100% awesome human beings! No bots or bullsh*t.


Our experience was great felt supported and provided with exactly what we needed to complete our amazing adventure would highly recommend the LTTS team

Patty Adrian E2E, 2023



LTTS were able to reschedule our transfers following the closure of sections 1 & 2 due to bushfires. We were able to complete the whole trail in our allocated timeframe and the whole thing was seamless thanks to LTTS. A huge thank you to Zak and Charlotte.
David & Angela

David & Angela, E2E, 2023



I walked from Mt Zeil to Redbank Gorge and then did the whole end to end on the Larapinta Trail back to Alice Springs via Mt Giles. Zac planned and placed all of my remote cache food drops between Zeil and Razorback, and this legend put in some fresh fruit and veggies in the remote caches as a surprise for me. F**ken hell that was amazing. I mean, seriously, fresh apples, bananas and veggies in parched desert terrain!?! It was epic. Zac and crew are the titans of Larapinta. 

Matt, Cross Country & E2E, 2022



Thank you, thank you, thank you. Walking 35km with a seven year old was potentially going to have me out of my comfort zone. The support Zac arranged minimised any worries that we’re lurking. The only issue in the end was the parenting solo! Trail was awesome!


Min, E2E, 2022



Every expectation met, both in the planning stage prior to the hike and support during the hike in relation to transport and food drops. Friendly and efficient staff.
Communication via website and email excellent, including ongoing updates. Excellent value for money. Hiking Larapinta was an experience of a lifetime, and LTTS' support was crucial in that.


Barry, Group Hiker, E2E, 2021



The service didn't miss a beat and having met Zak as our pick-up driver we gained a further insight into the organisation and it truly impressed us. The level of care/empathy for those on the track, to the point of quietly identifying who probably needs to be watched and then checking on their progress was impressive. The small things like Zak kindly giving us a piece of fresh fruit when we saw him at Ormiston meant a lot to us. The fact that is is locally owned and the money stays in the community is really good. We thoroughly enjoyed the walk and the food drops just made it all possible. The word on the track about L.T.T.S. was all extremely positive.


Bruce, Duo Hiker, E2E, 2020



I couldn't be happier with choosing to go with LTTS. Your level of service, care, and commitment to the safety of your clients was outstanding. I felt total peace of mind knowing that if I needed assistance you were never far away, and very responsive to requests whilst I was out there.


Sarah, Solo Hiker, E2E, 2019



The values that this company stand for are brilliant. My experience with LTTS and Zak is something that is a big part of my story when people ask "How was your adventure?". I am so blessed to have had such a great experience. It was so nice dealing with Zak. His passion and care is so evident, we need more people in the world like him! Thank you so much!!!! I still can't wipe the smile off my face and am feeling quite in awe of my experience on the trail.


Alicia, Solo Hiker, E2E, 2019



Organised, voluntarily supported one team member when he needed help, excellent value, supported our 13 year old grandaughter, without which she wouldn't have had this amazing opportunity. 


Your comprehensive information on your website greatly assisted our planning and was one of the main reasons we initially chose LTTS. You clearly have a great passion for the sustainability of the Trail over making money.

Thank you from all of us!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Rita. E2E Trek, 2018



Really excellent service from the time we contacted you with our first inquiry until the receipt of our key refund! Anastasia and Zak were extremely helpful, friendly and professional in all our interactions before, during and after our trek. LTTS really helped make our Larapinta trek one of the best hiking experiences we've had.


Steve. Duo Hiker, E2E Trek, 2018



We had the most wonderful experience, aided fully by the complete backup support of your company. When it became clear we did not have enough fuel, for instance, no problem: a bottle was supplied. When we changed itineraries because of weariness, no problem. Accommodated easily.

Our great experience was had in part because you told us we could do it. "Take your time, and you will come out the other side' - this was good advice to people doing something like this for the first time, and it stood us in great stead. We could take safe risks knowing there was a professional team at our backs


Tess. Duo Hikers, E2E, 2016



 Nothing was ever a hassle and everything went smoothly with the staff being very accommodating. Very happy to recommend services to others and will definitely use LTTS again if I decide to do the Larapinta again.


The people I bumped onto on the track and who were using LTTS also only had positive comments to add with your service. Overall the experience was great - the fact the trip went off without a hitch just sealed the deal. Thanks LTTS for all your help - keep up the good work.


Cameron. Solo, E2E Trek, 2016



Your service has been prompt, knowledgeable, personal and always kind & friendly! It felt like everyone was not only doing their job extremely well but always went the extra mile. It was a pleasure to deal with you & very reassuring to know that you got my back! :)


Thank you once again for your support! My experience on the Trail would not have been the same without you! I am hoping to come back one day and do the Trail again and I already know who I'd happily ask for their support! :) All the best to all of you!


Caroline. Solo, E2E Trek, 2017



You guys are amazing. To experience the rescue you guys did for that poor lady who fell at Spencer Gorge was incredibly humbling to witness. 


Alison.  Solo Hiker, E2E 2018



LTTS were reliable, friendly, always happy to help and provided clear information on the process of how the food drops and transfer were to work. I would highly recommend using them. I also met walkers on the trail that had to exit the walk early or change their pick up point and spoke highly of how LTTS had helped them to do that.

Sara, E2E, 2023



As a solo female approaching my 60th birthday, I felt completely confident walking the Larapinta trail end to end, because of the support, experience and professionalism of LTTS. Amazing service capped with a box of fresh sourdough donuts when Zac arrived for pick up at Redbank Gorge. Planning to return next year, hoping the weather won’t be ‘unseasonably bad’!

Marita E2E, 2023



LTTS has been plugging away on the LT for years and it shows. Yep, they may be on the pricey end a bit, but its worth the money because the service is exceptional. I spoke to so many other hikers out there who had horror stories of other transport and shuttle providers. Don't risk spoiling one of the best experiences of your life. Choose LTTS!


Tony, E2E, 2022



Zac was excellent


Kurt, E2E, 2022



I originally booked a last year and was really happy to be able to postpone my trip without losing any money. Also, I was recommended a cheaper option (trek package) which I was really grateful for. Zak and Emily were so kind and lovely in person, letting us change our end trek date for free and also send back a gear retrieval box for free. Greatly appreciated.
The services themselves are quite expensive but I understand there's lots of work which goes on behind the scenes so I accept that. Zak and Em are legends! Maybe Em don't scare the absolute shit out of us with stories of the Button man next time ;) haha jokes!


Laura, Duo Hiker, E2E, 2021



Professional, reliable, friendly. I've hiked with your support twice now, once on the Larapinta (last year) and recently on an off-track hike north of the western area of the trail. Zak was outstandingly generous in suggesting options for a route in the months prior to the walk, and on the drive out, was a fountain of good advice. Your staff act like they enjoy their work. 


Cathy, Duo Hiker, E2E, 2021



From my very first email to LTTS to Zak dropping me off at my hotel, my experience with your team was absolutely amazing. Everyone I have dealt with has been extremely friendly, quick to answer and nothing is too hard for the team. Thank you so much for all your hard work! Pretty minor but if there was one thing I would change, it would be to reduce the gas canister package. 4 canisters is way too much. I probably could have used one only - maybe 2 for safety. This is a feedback I got from other hikers as well. And for those of us who are flying, we can't bring them back with us anyway. I hate wasting so found other local hikers to give them too :-)

Celine , Solo Hiker, E2E, 2020



I'm deeply impressed with LTTS and of your knowledge of off track hiking in the desert and northern places of Australia. What a beautiful country! As an experienced hiker from Nevada I was floored just by how experienced you dudes are.  Viktor is the scariest and most imposing bikie looking hiker/instructor I have ever met (hahaha, sorry Viktor, I just had to say it!) but he was always genuine, courteous and professional in all of my interactions with him during the trek training courses and my eventual thru-hike on the trail. Thank you for everything!! My hike was amazing!!


Tahlia, Solo Hiker, E2E, 2019



Newbie trekker so I didn't really have any expectations but the experience with your company was unexpectedly awesome. Zak is an outstanding liaison for your company and I hope he is being paid heaps! We were three fairly green-gilled girls walking together for the first time and he was friendly, kind and courteous. He didn't do a huge information dump on us and wasn't at all condescending. It was a great send-off into the wild and it was nice to know he totally had our backs in the event something went weird.


Brenda, Troika Hikers, E2E, 2016



From start to finish the staff were professional, supportive, friendly and highly knowledgeable. Responsive to questions and phone calls. Went way beyond what we expected, including long supportive conversations about the hike, water, kit; adapting to our schedule and needs; giving us a lift to the start point; being up for changes to our drops and shifting things around; giving us fresh bananas and drinks on the final day; leaving a note in our drop box to explain a purchase we asked him to get (tomatoes and carrots). It was abundantly clear to us that LTTS is passionate about supporting its customers properly and professionally. Your website is also v good. Clear, well presented, and lots of good content. 


Henry Duo Hiker, E2E Trek, 2017



Everything was extremely well organised and our contact Zac had thought of everything (right down to some fresh fruit and a chocolate bar at the end of the hike)! Not only was the service well priced and the staff amazing, we always felt safe knowing that Zac was checking up on our progress through the trail log books. The transportation drop off/pick up was well organised and comfortable and all my questions were answered promptly and in detail in regards to both the Alice Springs area and the Larapinta Track.


Ella. Duo Hikers, HALF6, 2016



Viktor provided us with exceptional, professional and expert technical field support while we completed the Chewings Range Traverse, one of the hardest treks I have ever done ( and I have trekked cross country around the world). The pre-trek planning and 'calibration' was excellent. It ensured we were completely 'synchronised' for the rough, remote area trek, meaning all of our gear, equipment, clothes and everything down to spare batteries was checked, double checked and ticked off by the LTTS team.  They don't compromise on thoroughness, safety and well being. If they notice you aren't prepared, they'll tell you straight. I recall and have always remembered what Viktor told me during the pre-trek brief. It has always stuck with me: "Its a lot easier now in the CZ ( Comfort Zone) to risk hurting your pride a little than it is coming to your aid out there and seeing just how much hurt your pride has caused you."


Michael. Chewings Traverse Trek. 2018



Zac was unbelievable. He went above and beyond. He looked out for us and took great care of us.


Jody. Duo Hiker, E2E 2016



We got caught out in the rain in July - it was so wet and cold. My inflatable sleeping mat got a hole in it and I couldn't fix it. It was miserable. We messaged LTTS that we were thinking of pulling out. Instead, they offered to come out and drop off a new mattress and brought out a bunch of freshly made hot soup, bread and cakes to boost our morale! We sat in the car with the heater going full force and ate yummy food and dried off clothes and sleeping bags in their 4WD while it was pouring outside. It was just enough of a boost to get us to keep going and finish our end-to-end, even though LTTS kindly offered to take us back that night, if we wanted to pull out. Above and beyond service. We're very grateful for the support LTTS provided. Thank you Zak!

Natalie and Amelia, E2E, 2023



We did E2E 17 day Larapinta with 3 food drops. Crates were waiting for us on arrival - spacious and clean. THey were in each location when we arrived and we had a prompt and friendly pick up at the time designated to us. THe driver went out of their way to help us out once back in Alice. THe LTTS Information was always good and reliable. An excellent service. Well worth it.

Peter, E2E, 2022



My backpack and gear was lost by Qantas on my way to Alice Springs. I arrived with only the clothes on my back and what I had in carry-on, which wasn't much.  I completely lost it at Qantas. My whole hike was looking like failing before it even started. I contacted LTTS to see if I could arrange a later start date and wait for my bag and gear to arrive - it never did. Instead, LTTS kitted me out for free with all the equipment I needed for my solo end to end that included a Nemo Hornet tent and mattress, MSR stove and fuel, Deuter 50lt pack, Black Diamond poles, Sea to Summit sleeping bag and much more. All top-range gear. Qantas never got my gear to me in the end, so if it wasn't for LTTS I would have been stuffed. Instead, I had one of the most incredible experiences of my life. Thank you LTTS. I will never forget your kindness, understanding, and generosity.


Tanya, Solo, E2E, 2022



I was so nervous about my walk but the LTTS team put me at ease with their support, tips and planning help. Kate was also super helpful and nice on the drive to Redbank. Such a great bunch of people! Thank you so much LTTS!!


Alison, Solo, E2E, 2022



Em and Zach are legends! They made my trek possible when I finally managed to get into the NT (only just!) after country Vic was shut out. Maya organised all my last minute booking and admin changes, and Zach and Em helped with last minute changes to my food drops and transfer times. I was one of the last solo hikers on the trail for the 2021 season and had the trail mostly to myself. Knowing LTTS was in background keep an eye on me, especially on some of these hot days, was comforting. Thank you LTTS for being part of a life changing experience!


Elle, Solo Hiker, E2E, 2021



I felt like you went above and beyond to help me feel a little more comfortable doing something vastly outside of my comfort zone. Even when I knew you were super busy and was a little anxious I wouldn't receive an email reply when I needed some information, you replied within a day because I already had a booking. I really did feel that you were taking care of me. Thanks for being a part of my larapinta story. It made the logistics of doing a trek while in the middle of moving states, while also in the middle of a pandemic achievable when I'm not sure it would have been otherwise. I particularly liked the food and gas order that was in my drop boxes- that was the super smart part. I also liked the debrief on the ride home from Redbank- what was my fave section, what would i do differently, what was unexpectedly good etc. I really felt like you were on the adventure with me even though i was solo


 Solo Hiker, E2E, 2021



As a solo female LTTS gave me the support and confidence I needed. Every interaction I had with the LTTS was positive. From my initial enquiry through to post-trek, the team was always friendly, comprehensive and professional.


Holly, Solo Hiker, E2E, 2020



I would give an outstanding but we only asked for the basic service (E2E Express Package) and didn't give the opportunity for LTTS to provide any more. We were experienced walkers and Larapinta Trek Support gave us exactly the right level of help that we needed. The fact that that they track our location via our spot and dropped out our food drops on time even when we were ahead of schedule was exceptional. Zak was professional and clearly experienced.


Elle. Duo Hikers, E2E, 2017



We received excellent advice and support in planning and undertaking the walk. Very professional. We felt we were in good hands.

​Very helpful and accommodating to our needs


Derek. 4+ Group, HALF6 2016



From start to finish the quality of the service was outstanding. Originally making some enquiries over the phone to then booking the trip. I even needed an emergency re-supply. It was very personable which was such a refreshing change. I was dealing with Zak who just couldn't do enough to help out and make everything as easy as possible.


Doing Larapinta was one of the best things that I've done (and I've travelled the world extensively). The experience was made so much more enjoyable because of your great service. Just want to say thank you very much.


Craig. Solo Hiker, E2E, 2016



In our planning phase the online chat was a great , informative and friendly service. Once we were in Alice Springs, Zak spent time with us when dropping our food box and was relaxed, supportive and again informative - no question we had was treated as foolish or insignificant. We felt excited, reassured and clear about processes and services LTTS provided.


The face to your service was Zak, who was friendly, calm, went over and above with great service (coffee on our drop off, Birthday cake and cold drinks on pick up was very thoughtful - we will remember the beer next time - and offering a 'slow reentry' back into things after our wilderness experience - not being rushed and overly scheduled was perfect).


Nicola. HALF6. 2016



Felt incredibly safe at all times knowing that we were being looked after by trail support. The transfers were flexible.

Our transfer driver was excellent! Provides great advice and made sure we felt comfortable with the upcoming walk

Anonymous, Solo E2E, 2017



Felt incredibly safe at all times knowing that we were being looked after by trail support. The transfers were flexible.

Our transfer driver was excellent! Provides great advice and made sure we felt comfortable with the upcoming walk


Anonymous, Solo E2E, 2017


Here’s where the amazing service from Larapinta Trail Trek Support came in. I’m standing on the side of the road, well off the trail. The LTTS transfer bus drove past heading out to the Redbank Gorge drop-off. Zak recognises me from a five-minute conversation five days earlier, turns the bus around, greets me by name and offers a lift if I’m still there when he’s heading back to town. I ended up getting a ride with a guy who was on a 2-month road trip after finishing uni. We chatted easily about travel for the hour into Alice Springs. In the afternoon Zak followed up with a call to check that I made it to town and offered a lift back out ‪on Saturday morning‬.



A massive shoutout to @larapintatrailtreksupport for their professionalism but more so their random acts of generosity. I initially paid these guys to do my food drops and a pickup transport from the end of the Larapinta Trail back to Alice Springs but on return an act of kindness that I didn’t see coming and a welcome acknowledgement of their involvement with the defence force, police and emergency service personnel. It shows and didn’t go unnoticed. A team of straight shooters who live by sound values and standards supporting the adventurous community who cater for every level of hiker; from the newly experienced to the semi-experienced to the experienced yet to gain more experience. If you ever get out here, contact them for the support you may need. They are good value and worth your while. Thanks again. 



You guys ROCK thank you LTTS 



An amazing few weeks walking the Larapinta trail. Words and pictures cannot express how full and calm my heart and head are. A wonderful adventure with amazing support by #larapintatrailtreksupport 



While a vast majority of Larapinta Trail hikers and trekkers are from Australia,
there are thousands of people from around the globe who walk
this epic world renown trail.
To all of our Australian and international customers, everywhere from the valleys of the Blue Mountains in NSW, the chilly corners of the Yukon in Canada, the breathtaking mountains of Montengro, the vibrant cities of Chile and the amazing scree slopes of South Africa;
We are incredibly fortunate to have met you all!
We hope to see you again one day.


Harrybroon, Trip Advisor

"The Best Trail Support Ever!!"

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