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New for 2023
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The TTT Special is a seven-day, six-night course that combines a suite of hiking, trekking and field specialist skills that LTTS has fused together to offer a skills-packed, one-stop-shop course that will teach you all the basics for multi-day/extended hiking, cross-country trekking and personal safety in remote areas- all in one hit.

Almost all our course trial participants, many of whom have been hiking for years, wished they had the opportunity to do a course like this because it would have saved them years of struggle, costly purchases and missed opportunities. We see this Dunning–Kruger effects countless times on the Larapinta Trail every year, much to our despair and to the exasperation of our time-poor field support crew.

The course is delivered by very experienced, competent and skilled instructors, both male and female, with more than 20 years of hiking, trekking and military, emergency service or SAR experience. All courses are conducted out-field at locations listed below

Here is a list of some of the subjects we will cover. All are delivered in a practical way that is actionable and usable. No waffle or Powerpoint nonsense delivery.

  • Basic hiking skills ( Day, Night, all sorts of terrain)
  • Basic Navigation and Map Reading Skills
  • Basic Cross-Country Trekking Skills
  • Equipment selection for hiking and trekking
  • Equipment use and application
  • Food selection, packing. Nutrition considerations
  • Hike planning ( route, timings, resupplies etc)
  • Sustainability and Fixem Kits ( selection, packing and use)
  • First Aid Kit selection and use
  • Emergency signalling devices and use
  • Communication devices and use
  • Hiker Health, Fitness and
  • Basic hiker survival skills
  • Basic Self-Rescue Skills ( How to get found by SAR when hurt or lost)
  • Basic Search and Rescue Skills
  • Lateral Emergency Equipment Use (LEEU) - McGyver stuff
  • Scenario Planning and Situations
  • Hiker Atmospherics - How to 'sense' danger and interpret risk
  • Food and Water Resupplies using Caching Techniques
  • Water crossing techniques
  • Much more.
Key Points
  • Top-quality gear and brands are used on the course for all demos and pracs
  • Instructors are down-to-earth hikers with extensive experience and skillsets
  • The course is delivered in a hands-on practical way
  • We will practice what we teach. Watch-me-do-this style
  • We will have a base camp for lessons.
  • Expect 5km 'lesson hikes' where we practice new skills
  • Expect a total of about 30km of hiking over various terrain ( but nothing technical or very hard)
What's Included
  • Course Instruction, including online course material
  • All camping fees
  • Stove Fuel ( 1x230g Jetboil per person)
  • 10 x Dehydrated meals ( a mix of Backcountry, Radix, Strive and Campers Pantry) per person.
What's Not Included
  • Gear and equipment. You bring all your own gear for the course ( list is provided). You can hire gear if you need to, and we offer some loan options if you don't have any gear.
  • Transport to the training location. You make your own way to the training area.


$1550 per person




7 Days / 6 Nights


Out field for duration


Max 11 Attendees / Min 7


16-22 October 2023

Brisbane Ranges NP, VIC or

Lake Eildon NP - FULL

6-12 November 2023

Brisbane Ranges NP, VIC or

Lake Eildon NP - FULL

27 Nov -3 December 2023

Brisbane Ranges NP, VIC or

Lake Eildon NP- FULL

11-17 December 2023

Namadgi NP, ACT - FULL

15-21 January 2024

Lake Eildon NP, VIC

29 Jan - 4 Feb 2024

Lake Eildon NP, VIC

4-10 March 2024

Lake Eildon NP


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Invitation only courses.

Current invitees, please use your REDEX ID and login portal for upcoming dates.

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