We offer a range of trek container options to suit most hiker needs on the trail. Some containers types and sizes are offered as part of trek packages while others can be requested at extra cost


All containers used for food drops and resupply are now subject to our own  strict procedures to ensure the containers are COVID-19 safe when they are delivered to you. The containers are thoroughly cleaned with TGA approved antibacterial agents before and after each use, no exceptions.



We provide the containers for your trek. There is no BYO.

We offer various types and sizes of trek containers to suit different hiker and trek needs. The General Storage Purpose Container is included in all packages.

Other container types are available at extra cost.


Food Drop Container - Larapinta Trail

Hire included in all trek packages

General Plastic Storage Container

Available Sizes

25lt, 50lt, 75lt, 100lt options

* Actual sizes may vary slightly i.e 52lt


Container Hire Fee

25lt, 50lt: Free Hire with food drop

75lt + Sizes: $20*

* Per Container / Per Trek Period

Weight Restrictions

25lt:   15kg max

50lt:   25kg max

75lt:   40kg max

100lt: 50kg max


Per container

Hardcase Plastic Storage Container - Larapinta Trail

Extra Hire Costs

Hardcase Plastic Storage Container

Available Sizes

25lt, 50lt, 75lt, 100lt options

* Actual sizes may vary slightly i.e 52lt


Container Hire Fee

25lt, 50lt: $30*

75lt + Sizes: $50*

* Per Container / Per Trek Period

Weight Restrictions

25lt:   15kg max

50lt:   25kg max

75lt:   40kg max

100lt: 50kg max


Per container

Spacecase Storage Container - Larapinta Trail

Extra Hire Costs

Spacecase Storage Container

Available Sizes

25lt, 50lt, 75lt, 100lt options

* Actual sizes may vary slightly i.e 52lt


Container Hire Fee

25lt, 50lt: $100

75lt + Sizes: $200*

* Per Container / Per Trek Period

Weight Restrictions

25lt:   15kg max

50lt:   25kg max

75lt:   40kg max

100lt: 50kg max


Per container

All of our containers are setup to protect your food/gear against rodents, insects, dust, water and occasionally nosy or curious humans

Larapinta Trail Food Drop Containers


Second only to the transfer, your food drops are the most important component of your trek. The containers are an essential part of the food drop system. Below is a brief description on how we prepare your trek containers.

Each trek package includes everything listed below.

The Basics - Cleaning and Maintenance

Getting your containers ready

All containers are anti-bacterial and soap washed after each use. Once washed all containers are aired-out & sun dried. No carry over smells. Our containers work hard and endure some heavy use, but we make sure each and every container is always in excellent condition when delivered to you. No exceptions.

Minimum Protection

Protecting your containers from weather, wildlife and humans

The containers are prepared to protect your food/gear from rodents, insects, dust, rain and sun. When containers are delivered to the food drop point, each container is tape sealed (the lid is tape sealed shut to the box). Each container is also zipped tied shut to reduce the likely hood of opportunistic tampering. Four spare zip ties are provided in each container so that you can zip up the container after use.

Identification and Tracking

Each and every container is individual marked and tracked

Every container is tagged with your details so you know exactly which container is designated for each drop and for what purpose. The tag, which is a sticker (see example below), includes your trek booking code, surname, container number, drop location and barcode.  Every single container is scanned into a tracking database which is managed by sophisticated courier and logistics software.

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Each container will be tagged with a sticker to clearly identify your containers. Your containers will be delivered with the tags (stickers) already

attached on your container.

LTTS Booking Code

Hiker Surname



Extra's (i.e Gear Retrieval)

Container Number

Food Drop Location

Location Code


LTTS delivers and collects your trek containers from to and from your nominated accommodation during pre-trek. All deliveries and

collections are pre-booked through your booking process

and are tracked with courier software.

Read below how we do this. It is important.

The Delivery Process

Getting your containers

Empty containers are delivered to your accommodation during pre-trek. The Pre-trek is the date you nominated in your booking form. We will deliver the containers to the accommodation nominated in your booking. We normally drop off the containers between 3-6pm. You do not have to be present when deliveries are made. The containers will be left in the reception storerooms or equivalent. An SMS will be automatically sent to you when deliveries have been made.

Packing Considerations

Some points to consider when packing your containers

When you receive your containers, you can pack them any way you like. You can put anything you want in your containers as long as it's not illegal, a biohazard or dangerous. You can put stove fuel in your containers. Make sure your containers do not exceed their weight restrictions.

The Collection Process

Collecting the containers once you have finished packing

Once you have packed your containers, you can leave them back at the reception storeroom or where you found them. We generally pick up the containers the day you start your trek. You will automatically receive an SMS once your containers are scanned and collected. All containers are then secured in our storerooms until placement along the trail.

Our Storage Process

How each container is secured and stored

All packed containers are stored in our secure, clean and monitored storerooms. Generally our storerooms stay around 7-12 Degrees C temps all season regardless of outside temperatures. The storerooms are protected from the elements and are regularly inspected and cleaned. Each container is barcode scanned on receipt. We can have anywhere between 40-60 containers moving in and out of storerooms each day but our systems are electronically managed to ensure each and every container is delivered on time and exactly to the nominated food drop point.

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LTTS places your containers at the nominated food drop, resupply or cache point along the Larapinta Trail. Below is a summary of how this is done.

Each trek package includes everything described below.


Placement Timings

When your containers are placed on the trail

Containers are generally placed on the trail within 24/48 hours of your starting your trek. Your trek plan assist's us with this planning so if requested we will place your containers as per your trek plan.  All containers are delivered by the field support team, the same team which does the transfers. In most instances, containers are delivered during transfers but more often than not they are placed on the trail during the same time as transfers back to Alice Springs.


Tracking and Coordination

Proof of Deliveries and Tracking

Every single container is barcode scanned, photographed and confirmed by our field staff when placed at the nominated point along the Larapinta Trail. This basically means we know down to the second when the containers were placed out field. This is our guarantee the container was placed at the right location at the right time. You will automatically receive an SMS when this is done. In courier terms, this is what is considered as proof of delivery. We use sophisticated courier and delivery software to manage and track this.


Collection from the Storerooms

What happens after you use your containers

If your package includes Gear Retrieval or you request this while on the trail (see below how) your used containers will generally be collected within 24-48 hours after use, but most often than not within 12 hours of use. Unless otherwise requested, all contents of used containers are disposed of when returned to our storerooms. Containers with gear retrieval will be collected, tagged and secured in our storerooms until the end of your trek, after which they will be delivered to your accommodation before or when you arrive there.


Each container will have a dispatch tag (sticker) attached to the lid of the container when placed at the nominated point along the Larapinta Trail. These tags greatly assist us when collecting your containers from the field. It lets us know when you have used the container and if its ready for collection.

It is highly recommended you fill these out after you have used your container.


Date Placed/ Delivered

LTTS Notes to hikers or Park Rangers

Notes hikers can leave for LTTS

Hikers put the date they last used the container

Hikers tick these box's when the container is ready for pick up or they decide they want gear retrieval.


The Post-Trek Process is relevant only to hikers who have booked gear retrieval, bounce box's or other post trek services. Deliveries to post trek accommodation is included in the package if you have

booked these services. 

Read below about the post-trek process. It's important.

Add on Service


Containers are delivered back to your accommodation on the day you finish your trek. In most instances the containers will already be there waiting for you at the accommodation.