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LTTS offers a range of basic, advanced and specialised courses in hiking and trekking in remote areas. The courses are practical, relevant and hands-on.  All courses are delivered by specialists with extensive field experience. Not all courses are listed below, so get in touch if you have something specific in mind.

All courses are conducted in the field and are hands on.

New for 2023

Larapinta Trail Preparation Course

Get up to speed for your upcoming Larapinta Trail trek by doing this outstanding day course.  It covers everything about the Larapinta Trail ( distances, food drops, water, safety etc), trek planning, equipment selection and hundreds of tips to make sure you arrive fully informed and up to speed. This course is designed and intended for independent hikers

This course is based on all of our experiences on the Larapinta Trail since our first E2E in 2004, and the observation of thousands of hikers from across Australia and the world we supported in the LT since 2016. 

Courses will be conducted in VIC, SA, ACT, QLD, NSW

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Long Distance Remote Area Solo Hiking

We are finalising a three phase course conducted over three weekends for women aiming to start walking multi day or extended treks solo.

There are also more intensive and specialised options that involved 3x7day field courses that also combine online learning, mentoring and advanced skills modules.

If you're interested in these women-centric courses, get in touch.

Courses will be conducted in VIC, SA, ACT

Complete the form below for enquiries

TTTv2 copy.jpg
The TTT Special is a seven-day, six-night course that combines a suite of hiking, trekking and field specialist skills that LTTS has fused together to offer a skills-packed, one-stop-shop course that will teach you all the basics for multi-day/extended hiking, cross-country trekking and personal safety in remote areas- all in one hit.

Almost all our course trial participants, many of whom have been hiking for years, wished they had the opportunity to do a course like this because it would have saved them years of struggle, costly purchases and missed opportunities. We see this Dunning–Kruger effects countless times on the Larapinta Trail every year, much to our despair and to the exasperation of our time-poor field support crew.

The course is delivered by very experienced, competent and skilled instructors, both male and female, with more than 20 years of hiking, trekking and military, emergency service or SAR experience. 

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Standard Courses
Hikig Skills Course - Larapinta Tai

COURSE - Weekend Course

$350 p/p

This course covers all the basic components of day and night hiking in a desert or arid environment but would also be suitable for general hiking across Australia. More than 70% of Australian hikers start their hiking journey with little or no skills, then spend years learning the basics and spend too much on gear they don't need. Get a head start. Do this course.


This is an enjoyable weekend course ( 2 days/1 night) out bush learning the basics of hiking. All attendees will receive a list of the kit they need for the course which they will use on the course. With packs on their backs, they head out bush and learn the skills in real time, real-world conditions. Lessons are practical based. There is no judging or expectations. It is about learning skills that will last for a lifetime.


Next available courses in Oct-Dec 2023 and Jan-March 2024 in VIC, ACT, SA, QLD and NSW. Enquire below to express an interest.

Hiking and Trekking Communications and Signals



$280 p/p

This course covers all the key components of trek communications and emergency signalling.  Course modules cover a comprehensive range of comms and signalling devices, tools and gear specifically for hiking and trekking.


This is an afternoon and night course which covers all the key components of communication and signalling devices and techniques for hiking and trekking in remote areas. The course is very hands-on, practical and scenario-based. The course will offer demonstrations of comms and signalling devices so that students can see first hand how the devices work and their topographic, day and night effectiveness.


Next available courses in Oct-Dec 2023 and Jan-March 2024 in VIC, ACT, SA, QLD and NSW. Enquire below to express an interest.

Navigation and Map Reading Course

COURSE - Weekend Course



Learn the basics of land navigation and map reading skills on this weekend course. Navigation and map reading skills are a dying skill. A surprising amount of hikers walking the Larapinta Trail (and other trails) don't know how to read a map!


This course covers the basic elements and theory of map reading, compass use, day and night navigation, tips and tricks and practical techniques for cross country navigation in difficult terrain. The course includes various practical exercises which includes a day and night navigation activity over flat and undulating terrain.


Next available courses in Oct-Dec 2023 and Jan-March 2024 in VIC, ACT, SA, QLD and NSW. Enquire below to express an interest.

Cross Country Trekking in Cenral Austrlia

COURSE - Weekend Course


$450 p/p

Take your hiking journey to the next level and experience the freedom of cross country trekking (CCT) or 'bushwalking'. Only a small percentage of hikers ever experience the amazing world of bushwalking. But it is not for the faint hearted. If you like the comfort zone of trails and signage, this course may be a bit intimidating.



This course is structured to transition mid to experienced hikers to the basic level of cross-country trekking. On these courses, many experienced hikers are surprised at the differences between trail hiking and cross-country trekking. Equipment, technique, skills and fitness are just some of the things that need to be learned from scratch or adapted to this specialised but amazing form of recreational bushwalking.


Next available courses in Oct-Dec 2023 and Jan-March 2024 in VIC, ACT, SA, QLD and NSW. Enquire below to express an interest.

Introduction to Hiking Equipment - Trek Support

COURSE - DAY - 8 Hrs


Learn about the key types of equipment and gear needed for multi-day to extended day hiking and trekking. The course is comprehensive and covers a lot of detail in a very practical, informative and usable way. 



A 1 day intro course covering all the key components of hiking equipment. This is an excellent intro course for people who would like learn about how to select, use and maintain key hiking equipment. The course includes demos and examples of a wide range of equipment types, brands and models offering you a unique insight into the latest gear and their capabilities and how you can maximise their use and capabilities on your trek.


Next available courses in Oct-Dec 2023 and Jan-March 2024 in VIC, ACT, SA, QLD and NSW. Enquire below to express an interest.

Basic Hiking and Trekking Course - Trek Support

COURSE - 7 day course


$1,110 p/p

Combining both the hiking and trekking course, this week-long course includes all the basic fundamentals, techniques, and skills for multi-day hiking and cross country. This is an excellent and highly recommended option if you want to get serious about multi-day hiking and cross trekking. The basic subject matter of the course would apply to hiking and trekking worldwide


This course covers everything in the Basic Hiking Skills and Basic Cross Country Trekking Courses. Also combined in this course is the Intro to Trek Comms and Sigs. The whole seven days are out bush and on-location and are packed with hands-on practical learning, experiential training, and lots of fun!


Next available courses in Oct-Dec 2023 and Jan-March 2024 in VIC, ACT, SA, QLD and NSW. Enquire below to express an interest.


Invitation only courses.

Current invitees, please use your REDEX ID and login portal for upcoming dates.

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