Our Service Policies are strict. Our service delivery and the quality of service we deliver to you is dependant on these policies, so we take them very seriously - and if you choose to book with us, you should too.
Violation of these policies is likely to result in the termination of your booking, something we want to avoid. Read the policy carefully. If you don't agree to them, don't book with us. The policy doesn't change after you book with us. We still enforce it strictly. 
We reserve the irrevocable right to terminate Your booking if you fail to comply with Our Service Policy which will result in termination fees and the cancellation of any services you have booked with us. We will not be liable for any refunds if your booking is terminated as a result of a violation of this policy.
Our Booking Terms and Conditions Links are shown in the booking process. Contact us if you would like to discuss our Terms and Conditions
No Stove Fuel No Transfer Policy
If you don’t have stove fuel prior to the start of your trek, we cannot offer our services.
In support of the No Open Fire rule set by NT Parks and Wildlife, we developed our 'No Stove Fuel No Transfer' Policy to encourage hikers to comply with the rule and adopt minimal impact practices as outlined in our Larapinta Trail Trek Code.

The Larapinta Trail has an official No Open Fires law set by NT Parks and Wildlife. There are by-laws allowing NT Park Rangers to issue fines to hikers of up to $500 per person for non compliance if caught having open fires on the Larapinta Trail.  Only stove fuel is permitted on the Larapinta Trail. And yes, Rangers do hike at night issuing compliance notices.
From 1 January 2018 any bookings made with LTTS include a clause in the Terms and Conditions outlining that the hiker will need to demonstrate that they have purchased stove fuel locally from outlets like Lone Dingo, Desert Dwellers or LTTS before the start of their trek. This will mean providing a copy of the receipt of purchase to LTTS or showing the receipt to LTTS prior to their trek start date. If the receipt cannot be provided their booking will be deemed void and will be terminated with no refunds offered. This will be in the Terms and Conditions, so read them carefully before you agree to them.

If you plan on not taking any stove fuel, we will encourage you to book with someone else. We will not be making any exceptions to this rule irrespective of who you are.
No Accommodation No Transfer
If you don’t have accommodation before and after your trek, we cannot offer you our services. You risk terminating your entire booking if you do not book accommodation before your trek starts. 
Approved Accommodation List
Accommodation in this context is defined as a ‘serviced apartments’, ‘hotels’, ‘motels’, ‘backpackers’ and ‘specialist accommodation’ such as glamping. We DO NOT service caravan parks, pub accommodation, AirBNB’s and private residential addresses ( unless you are a local). Below is the only accommodation properties we will service: 
  • Alice in the Territory
  • Alice Lodge Backpackers
  • Alice Springs YHA - Hostel
  • Alices Secret Backpackers
  • Aurora Alice Springs
  • Crowne Plaza Alice Springs Lasseters
  • Desert Palms Alice Springs
  • Desert Rose Inn Alice Springs
  • Diplomat Motel
  • DoubleTree by Hilton Alice Springs
  • Elkira Court Motel
  • Jump Inn Backpackers
  • Mercure Alice Springs Resort
  • Quest Alice Springs
Annual Limitation of Bookings
We have a set limit of bookings we will accept each year.  
Once the annual quota is reached, LTTS no longer accepts any bookings. This ensures we can look after the people we have and not be over extended. Granted we can grow our business, employ more staff and get more vehicles, but we are a free range operator not an industrial operator. Profits don’t dictate our business.

As such months in May, June and July tend to book out quickly. Avoid a lot of disappointment by booking early or find another business which suits your needs better. 
Group Booking Limitations
Our maximum number for group bookings is 5.
This policy is based on our alignment and commitment to our Larapinta Trail Trek Code which is focused on minimal impact trekking on the Larapinta Trail. Trekking in groups of less than 5 people minimises the visual, auditory and physical impacts to the Larapinta Trail and other hikers. The Larapinta Trail was originally developed as a wilderness experience and the expectations of many hikers walking the trail is for such an experience. This is greatly diminished when groups of eight to fifteen people pass you multiple times every day or large groups crowd out most campsites and facilities. 
No Booking - No Pick Up, No Support

We only provide transfer services to people who have a booking with us.

We do not pick up people if they haven't gone through our booking process. If you don't have an LTTS Booking Code, we can't take you on board or assist (unless it is a medical or serious emergency). 


We Don't Pick Up Hitchhikers

Hitchhiking in the NT is illegal and can be dangerous.

We do not support hitchhiking. Don't get offended when we drive past ignoring you if you're thumbing it ( unless it is an emergency – then wave us down!) . Please don’t approach LTTS vehicles asking for a free ride either. It's not going to happen.


No Airport Pick Ups

We do not offer any transfers to or from the airport.

There are taxi's and bus services that ferry people to and from the airport.

LTTS Customer Only Sale Policy

We only hire or sell trek supplies and gear to LTTS customers

You must have made a trek package or transfer booking in order to be eligible for any gear or trek supply hire or purchase options. You will need to have a LTTS booking code. We do not hire or sell gear and trek supplies to the general public.

Last updated 23 Jan 2020

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