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We only service select accommodation places in Alice Springs because not all the accommodation in town meets ( or has met) the standards we expect for our customers. Our selection is based on our own onsite inspections, customer feedback and unfortunately, some disappointing experiences. We don't get any commission, favours or benefits from the listed accom below.
Under no circumstances whatsoever will we service any other venue
not listed below. 
We DO NOT service all caravan parks, or any pub accommodation, AirBNB’s and private residential addresses (unless you are a local). If you book any one of these types of unapproved accommodation venues you can void your booking. Read the Booking Terms and Conditions when you book. 
Below are the ONLY accommodation properties we will service: 
Approved Accommodation List
Hotels, Motels
Caravan Parks
We will service the following caravan parks for our self-driving customers who want to stay in a caravan park
Bed and Breakfast
We will service the only following bed and breakfast for customers who want to stay in an AirBNB or BNB type accommodation caravan park:
Darwin or NT residents staying in Alice Springs
If you are an NT resident and you want to stay with friends or family in Alice Springs,  we will consider offering container delivery/collections and transfer pick-ups from private residential addresses within a 5km radius of town. Check with us first.
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