The Trek Package Add-On are extra services you can add-on to your booking, whether this is a trek package or transfer. The Add-On's provide great trek package options to enhance your Larapinta Trail trek, make life a little easier and  muscle up your trek or preparation.

You can select add-ons during your booking or request it anytime.

Trek Package Add-Ons are available to LTTS Customers Only

Larapinta Trail Stove Fuel


We are official stockists for Jetboil and MSR stove fuel – the two top performing ISOPRO’s on the market. We also sell liquid stove fuel (Metho, Shellite). Check out our stove fuel pages here. or buy from our store. All stove fuel orders will be delivered to your accommodation during pre-trek (also when your containers are delivered).

Prices: See here: ISOPRO Gas / Liquids (Shellite/Metho)

Larapinta Trail Trek Food


We are official stockists for Backcountry Cuisine , Outdoor Gourmet and Campers Pantry, Radix. Trek Food can be purchased online through our store or during the booking process. On request, we can order trek food packs from Strive Foods , Go Native,  Radix, Packit Gourmet and Mountain House . All trek food orders will be delivered to your accommodation during pre-trek (also when your containers are delivered).

Prices: See here

Larapinta Trail Communications


There is a range of trek communications available for hire from LTTS which includes PLB’s, satellite phones, trackers and other devices. All comms devices are top of the range and reliable brands which are regularly checked, inspected and monitored by LTTS. Check out our trek comms page. Subject to availability.

Prices: See here PLBs / Satphones / SPOT Trackers / InReach



This add-on service includes retrieving the trek containers ( with whatever items in your container you want returned) from the food storerooms or from a cache along the Larapinta Trail. Once retrieved, the containers are secured in LTTS storerooms in Alice Springs and then delivered directly to your accommodation reception/storeroom at the completion of your trek. This service can be added on during the booking process or can be requested during your trek. 


​Ormiston Gorge, Ellery Creek South, Serpentine Gorge, Standley Chasm

$55 Per Container / Per Retrieval (PCPR) if pre-booked during the booking process

$75 Per Container / Per Retrieval (PCPR) if opted for on the trail




The Bounce Box is a container or containers which bounce between the three main food drop points: Standley Chasm, Ellery Creek, Ormiston Gorge. Hikers will choose a bounce box if they want one container with pre-packed items (often luxury & comfort zone goodies, support gear, clothing etc) that they want at each food drop when they get there ( as well as their food drop container). After your last bounce box container is used, it will be retrieved and returned to Alice Springs and delivered to your accommodation. Price includes bounce from Alice Springs to Standley Chasm or Ormiston Gorge depending on your trek direction. Available for E2E Trek Packages only

Prices: $280* 

*Per 1x 50lt Container 



We can store any extra bags you have for a flat storage rate. All bags are tagged, barcoded, scanned and locked away in our secure storerooms until the end of your trek. Your bag is collected at the same time your containers are picked up from your accommodation at the start of your trek. At the completion of your trek your bag is then delivered directly to your accommodation reception/storeroom. 

Prices: $50 for 1x Bag - all sizes* 

Subject to availability. * Bag storage include only bags, not bikes, box's, artefacts etc




We can store your bike/s while you are on the trail for a flat fee. Bikes are locked away in our secure storerooms until the end of your trek. You must drop off and collect your bikes to/from our office storeroom. All bikes are covered (protective sheeting), tagged, barcoded and scanned in and out


Prices: $120 per bike 



We hire out a range of trekking gear which includes tents, packs, cooking gear, mattresses, trekking poles, stoves, headlamps and other useful gear. We offer a reasonable level of options to suit different needs, challenges and budgets. All gear is near new or no older than 3 years and is in excellent condition and working order.

Prices: See Tents Page / Packs Page / Stoves Page



Trek Resupply is a common service request through LTTS, often used for food, medicine and supplement resupplies, gear, equipment and clothing replacement and other items such as battery charges, sim card replacements and battery supplies. Whatever the item is, you can organise your request through LTTS and we'll deliver it to you at one of the trailheads, food drop points or at a cache point along the Larapinta Trail or across the West MacDonnell Ranges NP. Resupply is carried out by foot, vehicle and/or helicopter. 

Prices: Varies, Contact Us



Fresh food drops can be organised and delivered to the four primary food drop points along the Larapinta Trail - Standley Chasm, Ellery Creek South, Serpentine Gorge, and Ormiston Gorge.  The costs below are just for the fresh food delivery and not to buy food. You must pre-order and pre-pay for all fresh food orders before your trek starts. We also offer fresh food drops to cache points for off-trackers.

You have two options for fresh food drop ordering. You can buy your own food and we can refrigerate the items until delivery or you can provide us with a list with the items you want purchased from Coles or Woolies. You provide us with the cash upfront and we will buy it the day before delivery on the trail. The change and receipt will be left with the food.

All fresh food items are packed in cooler bags and placed within 50lt containers.


$220 PCPD* Standley Chasm, Ellery Creek South, Ormiston Gorge

$230 PCPD* Serpentine Gorge


Remote Area Caches: Prices vary / Contact us

*Per Container/ Per Drop (PCPD) Includes: 1x50lt per drop only



Pre-Trek Planning Support includes any help, advice and guidance with information, planning and tips to help you with your trek planning and preparation. You can email or call through anytime when you have any questions, queries etc about your Larapinta Trail trek, the trail, conditions, equipment etc. and we will help out wherever we can. This support is provided by experienced local Larapinta Trail experts with extensive knowledge about the trail and remote area trekking. This is an excellent option for hikers who want to be able to discuss their trek with local experts anytime.

Prices: Coming Soon



We offer a Trek Plan Review option. We thoroughly review your trek plan and provide feedback, recommendations and any tips. We review your trek layout (daily duration, distances, going, difficulty), your water and food resupply planning, campsites options, and other trek info.  This is an excellent option if you want a Larapinta Trail expert to review your plan to ensure it is feasible, safe, doable and realistic.

Prices: $40 per review

Per Trek Plan ( 1x trek plan)

"Service above and beyond all expectations"

JohnG, Trip Advisor