2020 Larapinta Trail Updates: Ellery Creek and Section 7 Changes

Updated: Jun 22

7 June 2020 Update

NT Parks has provided some formal information, fact sheets and maps about the new changes to Section 6 and 7 and the new Ellery Creek trailhead

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Go to the Section 7: Ellery Creek to Serpentine Gorge sub heading and download the PDF

Info Below is from official Parks and Wildlife NT info:

Sections 6 and 7 - Track Realignment

A new trail alignment for Sections 6 and 7 is now open between Rocky Gully (Section 6) and Serpentine Gorge (Section 7). This takes walkers along the north side of the Heavitree Range, providing stunning vistas across the Alice Valley to the Chewings Range. It enables walkers to enhance their experience by remaining separate from day visitors and vehicle based campers at Ellery Creek Big Hole (South), as well as avoiding the main vehicle access corridor for the Park along Namatjira Drive. The new track does not vary greatly in length from the old alignment, which is still available as an alternate option (please refer to map overleaf). Facilities at Ellery Creek North include a Trail Shelter with toilet and drinking water.

The Trailhead is now located on the northern side of the Heavitree Range at the intersection of Sections 6 and 7 is referred to as Ellery Creek North. The campground and day use area on the southern side is now called Ellery Creek South.

Taking the northern route means walkers no longer have easy access to the Food Drop facility at Ellery Creek South. An alternate Food Drop is now located 150 m west of the Serpentine Gorge carpark. Access can be gained using the same key provided for the other Food Drop locations.


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