Business premises and vehicles inspected for compliance by NT Government


In order to keep our customers and staff safe from COVID-19, new practices and procedures will be introduced and applied to all our services, bookings and customer interactions.  The practices are stringent and thorough. We want to ensure that the very best efforts are made to keep you COVID-19 safe and give you peace of mind while on board with us.

Important for Customers/ During Services

  • Customers exhibiting flu like or COVID-19 symptoms will NOT be permitted to board our vehicles

  • Customers will be required to complete a basic NT Arrival Form to assist with our risk management, government compliance and Australian Government contact tracing systems

  • During any LTTS vehicle pick up, please do not approach or board the vehicle until instructed to

  • Specific vehicle boarding and exiting procedures will be applied before boarding and leaving the vehicle during your transfer.

  • Talking in the bus during transfer is to be kept to a minimum and is strongly discouraged

  • The LTTS driver will not engage in any non-essential conversations while in the bus

  • All carry on bags or items must be stowed in a bag provided by LTTS

  • Passengers can have a water bottle during the transfer, but no other consumables are permitted in the bus

  • All passengers/customers are encourage to practice important steps to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. See how (External Link)

  • While not mandatory we recommend customers/passengers wear face masks in the transfer vehicle. Should you wear a mask? Read here ( External Link)


Mandatory for LTTS


  • Passenger numbers in the Hiace Bus will be limited or restricted wherever possible to ensure practical steps can be taken for social distancing during transfer.  Instead of our standard capacity of 8 passengers per transfer, this will now be reduced to a maximum of 5, on average, where possible, to 4 only.

  • All LTTS vehicles (contact surfaces inside/outside vehicles), equipment (PLBs, trackers, keys etc), food drop containers etc will be regularly cleaned after each use under a new comprehensive cleaning procedure using industrial grade disinfectant confirmed by TGA as effective against COVID-19

  • LTTS vehicle will be cleaned twice a day ( once after a complete drop off transfer and once at the end of the day). Vehicle is cleaned thorughly after each use which includes mist spraying the entire interior of the vehicle with a TGA approved antibacterial agent. This is then backed up with wiping down all common use surfaces.

  • High grade Antibacterial gel will be available in all LTTS vehicles

  • Antibacterial wipes will be available in all LTTS vehicles.

  • LTTS reserves to right to report customers exhibiting flu like symptoms to NT Government health officials

  • There will be limited 1 on 1 interactions between customers and LTTS staff.