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New Larapinta Trail Online Courses for 2025

Updated: May 25

You've read tons of stuff online, watched the vids and listened to podcasts BUT you're still not sure if you've planned and prepared properly? You're not alone. (Hey, at least you tried to get ready!*). LTTS has jumped into the infomush fray with some epic new online products to get you up to speed.

Solo woman hiker on the Larapinta Trail
Solo woman hiker on the Larapinta Trail

News // LTTS Services / Courses and Training

From mid January 2025, LTTS will launch a range of online courses for prospective Larapinta Trail hikers, which will provide practical, useful, objective and professional-grade content and info from Larapinta Trail experts.

The courses will be developed completely in-house at LTTS locally in Alice Springs. Combining 18 years of knowledge and experience of the Larapinta Trail and all the intensity of LTTS operations, you can be assured the quality, accuracy and content of the course will be epic, no guesswork, just rock solid useable info.

LTTS is currently finalising a new online training platform using Kajabi where we will gradually launch a wide range of courses, exclusive programs, mentoring/coaching and online training communities.

With the exception of the LTTS Customer Calibration Brief, all other courses are fee or subscription-based.

Below are some of the courses that will be offered:

Larapinta Trail Preparation Course

  • Overview of the Larapinta Trail ( distances, campsites, conditions etc)

  • Trail highlights, challenges and risks

  • Preparation ( physical, mental and emotional prep)

  • Planning and how to develop a Trek Plan

  • Personal safety health and well being

  • Equipment selection and uses

  • Things to avoid

  • Much more

Walking the Larapinta Trail Solo Preparation - She's Going Solo Course Module

  • Everything in the Larapinta Trail Preparation Course

  • Hiking solo, Tips, tricks and considerations for solo women

  • Emotional and mental challenges, resilience and management

  • Solo-centric equipment selection and use

  • Lessons learned from hundreds of solo women LTTS has supported

Health, Wellbeing and Safety on the Larapinta Trail ( Extra Modules)

  • Know the risks, vulnerabilities and issues faced by many hikers

  • What to do if you need to get help and assistance

  • Essential skills, knowledge and tips

  • Signalling and communication devices

  • Pack the right kit and plan carefully

  • Avoid being a common statistic on the Larapinta Trail

Other courses will include:

  • LTTS Customer Calibration Brief

  • Intro Course to Equipment Planning and Preparation for the Larapinta Trail

  • ....and much more launching in 2025.


Additional Info

If you would like to make a recommendation about another type of course you would like to see added to our offerings, email us and let us know. We're open to new suggestions and ideas. Or, give us a ring to chat about the upcoming courses to find out more.

Also, don't forget to subscribe to our news platform for updates.

Happy trekking! See you all in 2024.

*In the 2022 season, more than 52% of our customers arrived in Alice Springs poorly prepared and not knowing what they exactly booked and what to expect on arrival and on the trail. This is despite all the information available. As such there was a 42% failure rate between April-June.



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