October 04, 2018

Transfer Day Limitations

Our transfer services are now set for Wednesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays only.  Prior bookings made for 2019 with transfers days on Monday, Tuesday and Friday will not be affected by the new changes and will run as booked.


Please check the dates and days prior to making your booking.



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LTTS News and Updates
External Coronavirus (COVID-19) Related Updates
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Updates from the Australian Government ( Dept Health)
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National Coronavirus Helpline 1800 020 080
24 June (Updated 27 Sept)
Booking Conditions for 2020

A few people are asking about what happens to any new bookings if they need to cancel this season ( i.e. if the Vic situation gets worse etc).

Below are the specific terms if you make a booking between July-October 2020 and need to cancel or change your dates:



If you can't make it because of border closures, you can:


  • change your dates ( at no extra cost for use in 2020 or 2021) or,

  • place your booking on hold ( at no extra cost for use in 2020 or 2021) or,

  • convert your booking into a credit ( at no extra cost for use in 2020 or 2021)

If you want to cancel your booking entirely a 30% cancellation* fee will apply to your entire booking. The 30% fee will be offered as a credit for any future re-bookings in 2020 or 2021.  Due to the debilitating volume of refund requests, refunds will take between 4-6 months to process. If we can process refunds sooner we will but at this stage expect a delay of around 5 months before the refund is processed. You will be notified via email and SMS when the refund has been completed

​*The 30% fee covers the costs used to prepare for your booking. A lot of work is set in motion once you book i.e. populating our database with your  booking and trek file; populating our health and safety systems with your details; preparing your containers; printing your container stickers and tracking ID; inputting your container tracking and delivery detail into our logistics software; rostering staff; setting aside vehicles and many  other factors. Of course, we can't do these things for free. They cost money, time and need to be done in order to deliver the service you expect and deserve. Staff also need to be paid for that. Staff who were rostered for your dates, still need to be paid for those commitments

18 June
UPDATED: LTTS Field Services Back on Deck
Sunday 20 June 2020.
Transfers, food drops, trek packages and training resuming 20 June
LTTS will re-activate its field services, albeit with skeleton staff, to look after local NT hikers. The Larapinta Trail is opening on 5 June when the biosecurity areas are lifted. While this isn't much consolation for our interstate customers and other hikers, we will at least be well and truly good to go by the time borders open. All NT locals can access a 20% discount - contact us for the code.
On the subject of borders opening, there isn't much to say except there is some guesstimation things might open mid July.  We really have no idea, in fact, the entire tourism industry has no idea about border openings.
7 June
New LTTS COVID-19 Practices and Procedures
New guidelines, restrictions and limits will apply to all bookings
In order to keep our customers and staff safe from COVID-19, new practices and procedures will be introduced and applied to all our services, bookings and customer interactions.  The practices are stringent and thorough. We want to ensure that the very best efforts are made to keep you COVID-19 safe and give you peace of mind while on board with us.
More information will be released shortly but in summary includes some of the following:
Mandatory for Customers/ During Services
  • Hand Sanitiser must be carried on person during all transfers
  • Customers exhibiting flu like symptoms will not be permitted to board our vehicles
  • Customers will be required to complete a pre-arrival checklist to assist with our risk management, government compliance and Australian Government contact tracing systems
  • Specific vehicle boarding and exiting procedures will be applied before boarding and leaving the vehicle during your transfer.
Mandatory for LTTS
  • Cleaning: All LTTS vehicles (contact surfaces inside/outside vehicles), equipment ( PLBs, trackers etc), food drop containers etc will be cleaned regularly under a new comprehensive cleaning procedure using industrial grade disinfectant confirmed by TGA ( listed here) as effective against COVID-19
  • Antibacterial gel or hand wash will be available in all LTTS vehicles
  • Antibacterial wipes will be available in all LTTS vehicles.
  • LTTS reserves to right to report customers exhibiting flu like symptoms to NT Government health officials
  • There will be limited 1 on 1 interactions between customers and LTTS staff.
Recommended for Customers
  • We recommend LTTS customers download the COVIDSafe app before arriving to the NT
  • We recommend LTTS customers practise good hygiene; practise physical distancing; follow the limits for public gatherings; and understand how to isolate if you need to, at all times.
Optional for Customers
  • Wearing of Masks: It is optional for customers to wear protective face masks* during the transfer.
We will provide a fact sheet to all existing and new customers shortly.
There will also be prices adjustments to our services to reflect the extra costs associated with new COVID-19 practices and the reduction of seat capacities in our vehicles.
# Face Masks: We recommend LTTS customers bring their own face masks if they choose to but LTTS will have disposable surgical masks available in our vehicles if needed.
# Vehicle limits: Seating arrangements, if possible, will vary depending on relationships of customers, for example, if a family of four uses a transfer, the family will be able to sit on any of the seats they wish. Couple may sit together is seating allows. All other passengers unknown to each other will be designated seats to ensure optimum social distancing.
17 May
General Update
Lifting of biosecurity zones and border openings
Biosecurity zones, which cover the West MacDonnell National Park ( and the Larapinta Trail within it), are likely to be lifted early on 5 June. It is highly likely that the national park and the trail will be opened around then as well, but nothing is confirmed as yet. By and large Parks and Wildlife NT has minimal influence over restrictions and decision making over its own parks and reserves. To almost all interstate visitors, any opening of the park or trail won't be relevant because the borders will remain closed anyway.
NT Borders will remain closed at least until 1 July. It is extremely difficult to estimate what the NT Government is planning to do as very little information is released to the public other than what is occasionally shown on the NT Coronavirus Portal. One of the best sources for updates is NT News.  General chatter points to a likelihood of an early August opening, but that is all very speculative.  With a very large Indigenous population at a very high risk of widespread catastrophic COVID-19 impacts, opening the borders would be a very big call for the NT government until a vaccine is found and 90% of the local population vaccinated.
LTTS will not offer or operate field services until the NT borders open. We're not in a position to resume field services until the borders open. At this stage, we are planning for resuming services on 6 July 2020 but this is entirely dependant on the opening of NT Borders at around that time. If the borders stay shut for 2020, so will we.
25 March
Larapinta Trail Closing on 26 March
Due to COVID-19 Restrictions, the Trail is Closing Until Further Notice
24 March
LTTS Customer Updates
Email Newsletters
If you are a current LTTS Customer, please refer to the regular email newsletters we are sending out for the latest updates. Get in touch with us if you are not receiving these.
21 March
NT Border To Close 
NT Border is closing at 4pm Tuesday 24 March
Anyone arriving from interstate or overseas from the closure date and time will have to quarantine or self isolate for 14 days.  There is no indication of how long the closure will last exactly but it is likely six months, effectively the 2020 season.
This closure will significantly impact and adversely affect many tourism and hospitality operations and businesses across the NT including LTTS. We are asking our customers to please be considerate and patient while we absorb this hit and recalibrate to these tough, new and unprecedented conditions imposed on us all.
LTTS will continue to operate ( on a skeleton crew) for the season and during the NT Border closure, particularly in the next fortnight as we currently have hikers on the trail or who are about to start their treks. We still have NT locals trekking with us so we will continue to operate and will only cease our field services when there is no need for it.
LTTS Customers who will need to delay or cancel their bookings: Please read below the Bookings and Coronvirus Update and the read the LTTS newsletters we sent out yesterday.
Stay Safe. Stay Healthy.
ABC Article about the closure: https://www.abc.net.au/news/2020-03-21/northern-territory-strict-new-covid-19-border-laws/12078048
20 March
Flights to Alice Springs 
Australian Domestic network changes ( Qantas and Virgin)
Main Point:  You can still fly to Alice Springs!
Qantas has NOT fully cancelled its flights to Alice Springs. You can still fly to/from Alice Springs via SYDNEY, DARWIN  and ADELAIDE.
Virgin has NOT full cancelled its flights to Alice Springs.
In order to make it work, people who intended from flying Melbourne, Perth, or Brisbane will need to book a connecting flight to Syndey, Darwin or Adelaide
Check with Qantas and Virgin Online and Stay Updated
Qantas Updates: https://www.qantas.com/au/en/travel-info/travel-updates/coronavirus/qantas-australian-domestic-network-changes.html
Virgin Updates: https://newsroom.virginaustralia.com/release/virgin-australia-group-revised-domestic-schedule
Contact us for more info about these options if you need to
19 March
Bookings and Coronavirus (COVID-19)
Updates to Booking Cancellations & Modifications
Refer to all email newsletters offering booking options for 2020,2021 and 2022

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