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New Serpentine Gorge Food Drop

A new food drop point has been established at Serpentine Gorge to support hikers completing the new route now known as Section 7 North. This new food drop is an alternate option to the Ellery Creek food drop.

In 2020 quite a few hikers had difficulty finding the shipping container at the new Serpentine Gorge Food Drop. Lack of clear signage directing hikers to the container was a big factor but many hikers weren't quite sure exactly where it was even after reading the info online. So here goes our best effort to provide some clarity.


Where is the Serp Food Drop? ( See also map below)

The shipping container is located close to the Serpentine Gorge Car Park, approximately 160m meters away to the south west (or about 770m south west from the Serpentine Gorge Shelter).

Start at the Serpentine Gorge Public Car Park. The container can be accessed using the Serpentine Gorge Access Road (Blue marked route on the map below) or by walking along Section 8 of the Larapinta Trail (Green marked route). Both are easy access. NT Parks has placed blue tape around so it will help with directions.

Serpentine Gorge Access Road

Basically walk south down the access road from the car park for about 140m. Look to your right (or north west) for a bush track ( it's quite obvious). Turn into the bush track and follow it for about 115m until you get to the shipping container. It's a sky blue steel mini monolith. You can't miss it.

Trail Access via Section 8 Larapinta Trail

Start at the beginning of Section 8 and walk along the trail for about 96m. Look to your left or south for a small track. NT Parks has placed blue tape at the junction. Follow the track south. You'll soon see the container.

Grid Location: MGRS: 53K KP 93942 70907

Download KML File - See under Additional Info ( at the end of the article)

Serp FD Mud Map

Serp Food Drop Considerations

Opening the shipping container

Some hikers had trouble with opening the container. If you have never opened a shipping container before ( a lever based mechanism), it can be confusing or tricky. Watch a You Tube Vid here for some visual tips.

Heat Considerations

On warm or hot days ( 30-35 deg C), the container turns into an oven with temps reaching up to 60-70 deg C inside, sometimes more. This is only really relevant to hikers walking around April or September/October during the hiking season. If you walk here in summer (with temps often reaching mid to high 40s), consider packing ingredients for bread, cake and perhaps tinned meat for roast. You'll be able to successfully bake all your yummy food in the container for free!


Images from the Food Drop

Image: Looking south along the Trail Access Route (Green Route)

Image: Looking south west. Notice track behind bush to the left. That track is the road access route ( Blue Route). Note there aren't many spots free of spinifex to sort your food drop ( without getting pricked by the spinifex). The bush track to the south has cleared areas.

Image: Southern side of the container ( looking North)

Image: Road Access bush track close to the south end of the container ( looking south)

Image: LTTS food drops inside the shipping container.

Image: LTTS vehicle doing food drop placements late in the afternoon. The road access route is also used by vehicles for food drops.


Additional Info

Google KML File

Serpentine Gorge Food Drop - Larapinta T
Download • 2KB


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