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New Ellery Creek Trailhead Shelter - Larapinta Trail

Updated: Nov 19, 2020

The new shelter at Ellery Creek (now known as Ellery Creek South) has been completed and is looking fantastic. It will be open and ready for hikers in the 2020 Season. Big thanks to Parks and Wildlife NT for making it happen. A major improvement and bonus for the Larapinta Trail and its users.

The new shelter and trailhead is located on the northern side of Ellery Creek waterhole and range and away from the tourist masses. The new shelter is part of the new changes for Section 7 which you can read about here.

New Ellery Creek Trailhead Shelter - Larapinta Trail

The new Ellery Creek Trailhead shelter looking south. This is now the final trailhead that has been upgraded with this newish rock solid design.

There are great views of the ranges to the immediate south of the trailhead and superb distant views of the Chewings Range to the north.

Typical interior layout of the shelter, common with all the other trailhead shelters on the trail.

The steel storage cage is located underneath the platforms.

Top corner view near the back shelves

Shelter storage cabinet.

Trailhead toilet

Deluxe toilet facilities out bush.

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